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Legal support of business restructuring

Comprehensive support of complex business restructuring projects is a key service of Branan Legal. We are used to resolving complex tasks and we get professional satisfactions from the interesting restructuring schemes.

Legal support of deals and investment projects

One of the core service lines of Branan Legal is the legal support of deals (e.g. M&A deals) and investment projects (innovative and venture projects).

Services in the sphere of corporate management

We believe that standard solutions and stereotyped schemes do not work in corporate management. Elaboration or alteration of the corporate management structure is possible only in connection with the strategy of the company and on condition of understanding all the aspects of its activity.

Maxim Bunyakin

Managing Partner

More than 20 years of experience in corporate governance, support of reorganization projects and mergers and acquisitions. Advises major public and private companies on restructuring projects, corporate governance optimization and mergers and acquisitions.

Member of the expert groups of the Bank of Russia (including on corporate governance and sustainable development), member of the Sustainable Development Committee of the Association of Independent Directors, member of the Council of the Russian Ecological Society, member of the expert council of the Best Legal Departments competition. He participates in the development of draft laws on corporate law and, in particular, on the regulation of the reorganization of business entities.

Training sessions and workshops on corporate law and management

Our consultanst are “playing the role of coaches”. We not only support deals and complex restructurings but also can train others and share our unique project support experience.

Drafting legislation and implementation support

Our experts develop and review regulations for various professional associations and governmental authorities and for specific companies.

Julia Nenasheva

Partner, Head of Corporate Practice

Julia Nenasheva heads Branan Legal Corporate Practice. Julia has been practicing law for more than 15 years, of which 9 years she worked in senior positions in large Russian companies. Julia has extensive experience in the corporate law and management, she is a recognized expert in legal support to issues of securities, preparation and implementation of reorganizations, and corporate audits.

The leading international rating The Legal 500 recommended her in the area of «Corporate law and mergers and acquisitions».