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Maxim Bunaykin, managing partner of Branan Legal, will participate as an expert in Open Innovations-2014 International Forum that will be held on October 14-16, 2014, in Moscow.


The event will gather representatives of major Russian and international companies, scientific and expert communities, and public authorities at its discussion platforms. In 2014, the People’s Republic of China will act as a partner country. The delegation will be headed by Li Keqiang, the Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.


Maxim Bunyakin will take part in panel discussion Optimum Strategies and Withdrawal Models for Venture Investors. The participants of the discussion include: Shaojie Jason Wang, President of the China Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (Zhongguancun Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (ZVCA)); Andy Tsao, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Bank Global Gateway; Gennady Margolit, Executive Director for the Innovation and Investment Market of MICEX, OJSC, and others.


Moreover, Maxim Bunaykin will be a member of the expert panel for selection of projects within the framework of the forum’s youth program. On October 15, 15 projects will be presented in the form of a telebridge with regional venues. 5 most successful and promising projects will be selected by the expert panel from them. Their authors will become the participants of 100 Innovators international group of the Youth Program in 2015 within the framework of Open Innovations Forum.


According to Maxim Bunyakin, it is not accidental that this year the Forum is held under such a provocative title: “Creative Destruction: How to Preserve Competitive Ability in the 21st Century”. “Strategy of destruction of conventional markets and technologies using innovative solutions for the sake of future economy is especially relevant nowadays. Herewith, it is certainly important not to forget about one’s traditions. And here China, partner country of this year, is also a great example,” the Managing partner of Branan Legal thinks.