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On October 31 Branan Legal Managing Partner Maxim Bunyakin took part in Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development “Open Innovations”. He made a presentation “Development of Corporate Management in Venture Funds” at the round table “Is the Board of Directors in a Venture Company — a team of leaders or a balance of interests?” which was organized by RVC (Russian Venture Company). In his speech Maxim Bunyakin pointed out traditional mistakes of management in venture funds and gave some practical guidelines for correction of such mistakes and building efficient corporate management. Branan has been providing services in management, legal and financial consulting in Russia and CIS countries since 1999. In the Branan team there are more than 50 specialists and experts who have executed over 300 large projects including support of reorganization of OAO RAO UES of Russia, consolidation of Rosgosstrakh Group, reorganization through the spin-out and simultaneous affiliation for OJSC NESK, and NESK-electroseti, JSC, etc.