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Branan Legal will act as a Partner and a Sponsor of the Power Industry category within the framework of IX annual contest The Best Legal Departments — 2014 in which more than 70 leading Russian and international companies participate. This year the contest results will be evaluated on June 20, 2014 during the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. Heads of legal departments of nominee companies (17 categories in total), representatives of the public authorities as well as partners of Russian and international firms will take part in the solemn award ceremony.

Maxim Bunyakin, Managing Partner of Branan Legal and a Member of the Expert Council of the Contest will present the award to the winner of the Power Industry category. “Taking into account our great long-term relations with the power industry, and a great number of implemented large-scale projects in the field of power engineering including a period of work with these companies, I am especially pleased to present the award to the best of the best,” Maxim Bunyakin commented on.


You can find out more about the contest at its official website.