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Pravo.ru Internet portal has published the results of the fourth annual rating of legal firms working in Russia (as of year-end 2012).


According to the results of the research carried out by Pravo.ru Branan Legal ranks among the leading legal consultants in Corporate Law / Mergers and Acquisitions.


Inclusion of Branan Legal in this rating confirms that the company has strengthened its position in the Russian legal services market.


On the opinion of Vedomosti experts (the article “Market Assessment” dated December 17, 2013), this year’s rating reflects mostly the market situation because Pravo.ru researchers, while drawing up, used actively publicly available information about the members of the rating: they studied media publications, analyzed legal practice, interviewed customers of legal services.


Maxim Bunyakin, Branan Legal Managing Partner, made the following comment on this event:


“I am glad that we have been included in the rating of Pravo.ru together with the largest international and Russian legal firms. Branan Legal was created as an independent legal branch in 2011, being a part of Branan, which has been specializing on management and financial consulting for 15 years. We were able to achieve such results also thanks to the fact that Branan Legal’s team included experts with considerable experience in difficult restructuring projects and M&A transactions on the customer’s side. We are sensible of the clients’ needs and through our own experience of work with consultants we understand how we should and should not work. Besides, we are able to complete complex tasks working in one team with other Branan’s experts.


The rating results are available here.