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Following the results of the survey conducted by Pravo.Ru for the next annual rating of legal firms operating in the territory of Russia, Branan Legal again ranks among the leading legal consultants in the field of corporate law / mergers and acquisitions. Herewith, position of Branan Legal was significantly strengthened.


“Strong market players stand next to us in the group, and we lead over some other professionals in the rating of 2014,” Maxim Bunyakin, managing partner of Branan Legal, notes. “It is an important incentive for us to keep developing and to continuously improve our positions in the market of legal services. Note that Branan Legal exists as an independent practice for the fourth year, however, it already confidently competes with firms present in the market for a long time.”


Upon preparation of the rating, questionnaires of about 200 legal companies providing services in the territory of Russia were processed. Not only financial and statistical indicators of companies and implemented projects but also opinions of the participants of the rating on their colleagues and competitors as well as evaluations of the customers provided with legal services were analyzed.


In the opinion of Maxim Bunyakin, the last criterion is one of the most significant: “High estimate of clients usually depends on the consultant’s ability not only to suggest a solution but also to implement it on the basis of peculiarities of the client’s business. To this end, it is important to speak the same language with the client, to see the situation with its eyes. Here, the fact that our team includes experts with experience of work in complicated projects on the customer’s side helps Branan Legal.”


To see the rating results, go to the website of Pravo.Ru.