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On November 28, 2012 Branan Legal held the seminar “Practical aspects of approval and execution of major transactions and interested-party transactions in JSC and LLC”.


Maxim Bunyakin, Branan Legal Managing Partner, and Yulia Nenasheva, Branan Legal Corporate Practice Director, told the members of the seminar about approaches to defining large transactions, qualification of interested-party transactions. The following hot topics were analyzed: need for approval of unilateral transactions and termination of transactions, a reporting date for determination of balance sheet assets, ordinary course of business, interconnection of transactions, approval of a preliminary contract, and many other questions. Elena Petrusenko, Deputy Manager of Moscow Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, analyzed practical situations of determining affiliated persons and group of persons and typical mistakes connected therewith.


An important part of the seminar was the discussion of current judicial practice in the cases, connected with challenging of large and interested-party transactions, as well as analysis of concrete legal cases.


“Our seminar is not FAQ, but this is a discussion of problem situations and practical questions. We shared our experience and we were interested in learning our colleagues’ experience. It is very useful that the seminar has been held in disputes and discussions, as the topic is really hot for everybody”, — Yulia Nenasheva said.