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In Moscow there was a dedicated training on the practical use of combined reorganization of joint-stock companies: their separation and simultaneous merger.


Within the training Maxim Bunyakin, Branan Legal Managing Partner, and Branan’s experts Dmitry Fedorchuk and Tatiana Potapova discussed with their colleagues from large holding companies practical purposes of combined reorganization and different mechanisms of its realization.


There were analyzed in details legal, organizational and managerial peculiarities of combined reorganization including the examples of completed project, such as OJSC NESK, OAO RAO UES of Russia, etc.


A special interest and lively dispute were caused by the sample application of combined reorganization mechanism through merger and take-over transactions during business separation among different groups of shareholders, including separation within disproportionate reorganization. The members also touched upon practical matters with regard to registration procedures, interaction with the state authorities, such as FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service), FFMS (Federal Financial Markets Service), and FTS (Federal Tax Service).


“The pleasant fact is that a legally beautiful and unique scheme of combined reorganization is becoming a popular tool of business problem solution”, — Maxim Bunyakin remarked summarizing the training results.


About Branan: Branan has been providing services in management, legal and financial consulting in Russia and CIS countries since 1999. In the Branan team there are more than 50 specialists and experts who have many years’ experience in consulting and experience in working for large holdings. The company executed successfully over 300 large projects including support of reorganization of OAO RAO UES of Russia, consolidation of Rosgosstrakh Group, reorganization through the spin-out and simultaneous affiliation for OJSC NESK, and NESK-electroseti, JSC, legal security of projects of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, working out the development strategy of electric-power industry in the Far East, development strategy of Mosenergosbyt, OJSC, etc.