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On November 1 Branan held a seminar on corporate law and management for corporate management specialists of companies of RusHydro Holding, OJSC, in Uglich.


37 employees from corporate services of companies of RusHydro Holding, OJSC, from different regions of Russia took part in the seminar. It had a roundtable format and its members discussed problems, which corporate lawyers encounter in their daily work.


Maxim Bunyakin, Branan Legal Managing Partner, narrated about the changes in corporate legislation, which had come into effect recently and those ones which were planned; he also told about some efficient practices of corporate management in Russian companies.


The questions of information disclosure were discussed separately. Yulia Nenasheva, Branan Legal Corporate Practice Director, shared her experience in the development of domestic regulations on information disclosure and told about current systems of information disclosure, peculiarities of drawing up and disclosure of the annual statement and other vital questions.


Dmitry Fedorchuk, Branan Legal Practice Director, concentrated closely on some aspects of the board of directors’ activity and, in particular, on the duties of the board of directors’ secretary. Dmitry told about widespread mistakes and how to avoid them in work.