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Training sessions and workshops on corporate law and management

Our consultanst are «playing the role of coaches». We not only support deals and complex restructurings but also can train others and share our unique project support experience.

The Branan Legal Managing Partner Branan Maxim Bunyakin and the Head of Branan Legal corporate practice Julia Nenasheva have many years of experience in holding workshops, training sessions, master classes, round tables and organisation of conferences on civil and corporate law issues.

We hold specialised workshops for our clients focusing on their current and future needs. We often hold workshops for holding companies on the issues of managing subsidiaries and associated companies and training of corporate lawyers of subsidiaries on the issues of holding meetings, disclosure of information, approval of transactions and other topical issues.

We hold business lunches, workshops and conferences on individual issues being of practical significance, such as reorganisation, innovative activity, alienation of non-core assets and other issues.

We take part in events organised by our partners, including Moscow State Academy of Law, Moscow State University, the Aktsionerny Vestnik (Shareholder Bulletin) magazine, the Association of Non-Executive Directors, the Stock Market and Management Institute, such as workshops, hands-on training sessions, conferences and round tables.

We hold express seminars on individual problems and multi-day seminars on corporate arrangements (2 to 3 days) and in-depth courses on corporate law and management (5 days and more).

We also invite members of relevant authorities (the FSFM, the FAS, the FTS, the SCC, etc.) to participation in our training programs depending on the objectives of the event and the composition of participants.

Principal topics of our workshops and training sessions:

  • practical aspects of reorganisation;
  • corporate management in holdings: special features, practical aspects of management, financing and control;
  • practical issues of holding corporate arrangements (workshops on securities issue, meeting of shareholders and participants, information disclosure, interaction with the anti-monopoly authority, etc.);
  • activity of the management bodies of joint-stock companies and limited liability companies;
  • special features of performance of major transactions, related party transactions and transactions with shares and participatory interests;
  • deal structuring: from legal expert examination to legal «dressing» of a deal, including elaboration of shareholders’ agreements, investment agreements and other documents for a deal;
  • other issues of corporate law and management and fields adjacent thereto;
  • We elaborate the program of a workshop on the basis of a client’s needs with due account for the objectives of the event, its target audience and topical issues.