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An educational workshop of the known consulting company in the sphere of the corporate and legal questions «Branan Legal» was held at JSC “Concern “Sozvezdie” (part of JSC United Instrument-making Corporation of State corporation Rostech). The seminar was held by Managing Partner Maxim Bunyakin in person. This event became an additional bonus which followed the victory of department of legal and corporate work of the concern in the international competition «Best Legal Departments-2015».

The participants included representatives of economic planning, financial and investment, accounting and tax, material resources, personnel and social policy departments. It allowed to reveal and enlighten aspects of corporate and legal work at crossing of various specialists of the company.

All queries addressed were answered competently by Maxim Bunyakin having considerable experience of «in-house» in the sphere of corporate law and management in corporations with the state participation, experience of support of large projects of restructuring and M&A, the lecturer of Moscow State University and Moscow State Law Academy.

The seminar allowed «Sozvezdie” to review in details as cases a range of situations arising in the course of operation, ambiguous from the corporate and legal point of view, and to develop the most optimum ways to solve them.

The head of the department of legal and corporate work of JSC “Concern “Sozvezdie” I.A. Kosyakin noted: “I would like to thank sincerely Branan Legal company and its Managing Partner Maxim Bunyakin for the educational workshop held in Voronezh at the highest level. Action allowed to consider many important questions of the company operation. The participants of the workshop exchanged experience with the recognized invited expert in the area of expertise, could receive competent answers related to the legal situations arising in concern. I would like to express separate gratitude to the CEO of «Sozvezdie Azret Yusupovich Bekkiyev for support of holding a seminar».

Branan Legal Managing Partner Maxim Bunyakin shared his impressions: «I want to thank the management of “Sozvezdie” concern for the invitation and for the warm and friendly welcome! I was glad to get acquainted with the audience and to hold a seminar in the discussion format. What was pleasant in particular is that all subjects (corporate law, reorganization, obligations) were discussed in a practical key, at the high professional level».