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On July 25, 2016 a workshop-discussion ‘Occupation: Member of the Board of Directors. Corporate Law and Governance for the Members of the Board of Directors, Representatives of the State’ took place, within the framework of which the representatives of the Federal Property Management Agency, practicing Members of the Board of Directors, experts practicing in corporate law and management shared their experiences and discussed the set issues.

The workshop facilitator – Managing Partner of Branan Legal Maksim Bunyakin – considered the main problems and difficulties in the work of the Members of the Board of Directors, and told about the practical tools for their solution.

In particular, the following topics were discussed:

  • analysis and approaches to approval of major transactions and related party transactions (including taking into account the amended Federal Law On Joint Stock Companies and the Federal Law On Limited Liability Companies, entering into force from January 1, 2017);
  • planning of the work of the Board of Directors and monitoring implementation of decisions of the Board of Directors;
  • role of the Members of the Board of Directors in considering issues of reorganization, issuance of securities, and other key issues;
  • responsibility of the Members of the Board of Directors, practical recommendations for its prevention;

You can find more detailed information about the workshop on the Web-site of the Association ‘Professional Community of ‘Directors ‘Directorium’.

Also there is a short video – interview of Maksim Bunyakin according to the results of the workshop.

In October – December, 2016 it is planned to hold a series of workshops for the Members of the Board of Directors and corporate secretaries of both private companies and state-owned companies (we will announce the dates of the events additionally).

In addition thereto, Branan Legal experts hold specialized seminars on the practical issues of the corporate governance, ‘sharpened’ for the objectives and special features of specific companies. To get more information about such workshops/seminars you can contact Julia Nenasheva, Director of Corporate Practice of Branan Legal (seminar@branan.ru).