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Drafting legislation and implementation support

Our experts develop and review regulations for various professional associations and governmental authorities and for specific companies.

Our competencies in this field include the following:

  • analysis of the existing system of legal relationships and government regulation in various fields;
  • elaboration of proposals on making amendments to the legislation (including in the sphere of civil law, anti-monopoly legislation, corporate legislation, legislation on the power industry and legislation on space activity);
  • preparation of draft amendments to legislative acts and subordinate legislation (according to the law-making requirements);
  • support to the process of adoption of laws and regulations in governmental authorities.

The project experience of the members of the team includes the following:

  • within the framework of the power industry reforming: preparation of the proposals on amendments to Federal law On Joint-Stock Companies in the part concerning reorganisation and establishment and the Standards for issue of securities and registration of securities prospectuses;
  • preparation of proposals on amendments to Article 84.2 of Federal Law On Joint-Stock Companies;
  • preparation of amendments to the regulatory framework for the purposes of transformation, including preparation and support to adoption of draft Federal Law On Reorganisation of Rusnanotech SC;
  • preparation of proposals to the RF FAS on improvement of the anti-monopoly legislation in the part concerning approval by the anti-monopoly authority of deals and other actions;
  • elaboration and introduction of the Corporate Conduct Standards for the City of Moscow as a shareholder, approved by the Moscow City Government (to the order from the Moscow City Property Department);
  • participation (within the framework of work groups, disputes and public discussions) in preparation of amendments to the RF Civil Code.