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Dmitry Popov

Off-counsel, Head of Commercial Practice

Recognized expert in civil and antitrust law, Managing Partner Popov Law Services.

Dmitry Popov has been specializing in commercial law and compliance for more than 20 years, included in The Legal 500 rating. His experience includes working in corporations (Vice President for Legal Affairs of Renaissance Insurance, Vice President for Legal Affairs nd Compliance of ABB Corporation in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia), and in international consulting.

Selected project experience:

  • Legal support for the organization of production and distribution of large multinational corporations in Russia;
  • Support of the restructuring of the debt of a private company to the state (legal and GR components of the project);
  • Due Diligence of the «business part» and support one of the largest M&A transactions on the Russian market (NDA);
  • Organization and maintenance of compliance in a company under DoJ monitoring;
  • Advising a large financial and industrial group on a complex debt restructuring.